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Testimonial | Anatoly Plotkin

Our experience with A2WORKS has been positive. They’re very flexible. We have a great development team, and they work with my team as well as all of our 3rd party partners. There hasn’t been an issue that they have not been able to tackle. Thank you.

Mobile application PulseMe

Simple and useful tracker of your pulse, which is compatible to all popular models of bluetooth wireless pulsometers.

The application allows you to see the changes of your pulse during the training, record the results of the measurements in automatic mode, track the parameters data on chart and estimate your physical form by heart rate recovery test.

  • Heartrate chart, history, recovery
  • Average, Maximal, Minimal
  • Training mode
  • Activity zone
  • Integration with rate monitors:
    • Polar
    • Kyto
    • Youwell
    • Combo
    • GCM
    • Heartrate
    • and others

Mobile application TrackMe

Simple activity tracker to help you to keep fit and healthy!

TrackMe is an Android and iOS application, which works in combination with bluetooth activity tracker Youwell SmartBand and helps to track your activity, to store your parameters data and to improve the quality of your life

  • Track your steps, distance, calories burned and weight
  • Rates the quality of your sleep
  • Show your progress clearly
  • User prifile
  • User history activity

Mobile application WeightMe

Simple and useful tracker of your weight, which is compatible to popular models of bluetooth wireless scales.

The application allows you to set goals, record the results of regular measurements in automatic or manual mode, track changes in indicators on charts and use advanced statistics.

  • User profile
  • Integration with Health (IOS/Android)
  • Measurement
  • Statistics
  • Charts
  • User goal
  • Integration with devices
  • Multi-langiages
  • Client server app
  • Alert notifications
  • Edit profile


Our goal: monitor all events, find out issues and resolve ASAP for each person that using our systems.

  • Support customer server
  • Support Mysql DB instance
  • Use JavaMelody for monitoring
  • Use Zabbix for monitoring
  • Use Amazon AWS


Address: Kosice, 11G Strojárenská, 04001 Kosice Slovakia

E-Mail: contact(at)a2works.biz