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Testimonial 2015 | Jeremy Milikow CEO, UrbanRide, Inc.

It is with great pleasure that I provide this testimonial for A2WORKS. We were looking for a company that could both support our IT infrastructure and provide high quality software development services. In particular, we were looking for a partner that could work with a complex legacy system and help with various initiatives including Ios and Android app development. First a foremost, as a small business, we are constrained regarding our technical resources However, our software systems are mission critical and support a 24/7 operation. A2Works has been absolutely amazing in supporting our operation.

One of the reasons that we chose A2WORKS is because of a personal relationship with Mr. Trusov. He was already familiar with our legacy systems and so we were confident that the handoff period from our previous provider would be handled smoothly.

Since working with A2WORKS, I’m happy to say that we have managed to complete a number of very important development products, our systems are more reliable and stable, and our company has dramatically increased its competitive position in the market.

One of the things that is great about A2WORKS is there willingness to tackle new technologies. I think that lots of companies would benefit from A2Works services in particular those that have mission critical systems and are looking for very high quality development services.

Testimonial 2016 | Jeremy Milikow CEO, UrbanRide, Inc.

We are VERY pleased with your work. This of course includes your colleagues as well. Over the years, we have worked with various developers (and different companies) both in house and outsourced. I am pleased to say that you are by far the BEST that we have ever worked with. With your partnership, we have been able to accomplish much more with our development budget than ever before. Here are some of the highlights:

    1. Developed an ground breaking set of mobile apps
    2. Eliminated most of the legacy performance / reliability issues that we experienced (for many years)
    3. Migrated to a very low cost cloud infrastructure (Digital Ocean)
    4. Migrated to free DB
    5. Eliminated our dependence on IE
    6. Developed an amazing new module for group management - which will have a major impact on our efficiency and accuracy
    7. Auto parsing (gmail bot) - also significantly enhancing our workflow
    8. API - opening us up to outside apps
    9. Fedex Module (in development) which will also substantially decrease the error rate and lower the need for staff
    10. Many many more bug fixes and feature additions that are too numerous to list

We are very excited about the future possibilities that are partnership will bring. We are functioning in a very difficult environment (with lots of competition) but your support has given us capabilities that are competitors can only dream about. We are looking forward to continuing working with you in the coming years and we enhance our capabilities even more.

Online Management Tools

Backoffice application that allow access to business anywhere.

  • Account Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Group Management
  • Reservation Management
  • Finance Management
  • Search functionality
  • Inventory Management
  • Payment Processing
  • Reporting and Dashboard
  • Integration with:
    • FlightStat
    • # Slack / Slack bots / HipChat
    • Twilio
    • GCM
    • MapBox
    • Client & Vendors API
  • Audit and History functionality

myDMC Mobile application

Mobile application for Greeters. Available on Android and IOS platform. myDMC provides real time management of group transportation logistics. Support for meeting planners, transportation providers, logistics staff and attendees.

  • Search/filter(s) functionality
  • Groups trips
  • Individual trips
  • Group/trip/passenger audit
  • Update flight info/baggage claim
  • Update vehicle info/chauffeur data
  • Waiting list - add /delete passenger
  • Change trip status
  • Change passenger status
  • Change vehicle status
  • Messaging system Greeter-Chauffeur-Manager
  • GCM Push notifications
  • Alert notifications
  • Edit profile

Chauffeur Mobile application

Mobile application for Chauffeur. Available on Android and IOS platform. Working with Backoffice according company process.

  • Search functionality
  • Current trips
  • Archive trips
  • Change trip status
  • Change passenger status
  • Trip comments
  • Tracking location
  • Messaging system Greeter-Chauffeur-Manager
  • GCM Push notifications
  • Alert notifications
  • Edit profile

Itinerary Management System

The objective of the Itinerary Management System is to serve the transportation needs of Professional Meeting & Event Planners.

  • Store information about customers
  • Create groups of customers
  • View customer’s activity in the past
  • Make records on the current activity
  • Create a fleet of vehicles.

Also, the system allows generating different kinds of reports in PDF format, maintaining log records, and managing information on users and user groups.

Manifest Admin application

The purpose of the manifest application is to automatically process a manifest provided by the client into system. The file must be in CSV format and conform to a standard format that includes the arrival and departure flight information and venues.

  • Import passengers info from CSV file
  • Separate passengers into reservation(s)
  • Auto adjust vehicle for reservation(s)
  • Reservation verification
  • Flight info verification
  • Add/update passenger information

Bill Manager application

The objective of the Bill Manager is to provide application for Account manager to bill group reservation on client side.

  • Bill group reservation from one place
  • Change currency/exchange rates
  • Update billing information
  • Provide vendor information
  • Provide account information
  • Do extra payment
  • Lock trips

Client API

The purpose of API to allow clients have ability to extend his mobile and desktop apps with trip(s) data

  • 2 step verification to get data
  • Changes in real time
  • User managment of API from each client
  • Statistics of API requests
  • Monitor perfomance in real time
  • Success API stories

Also, the system have UI to test API before development.

Client Application

The purpose of application take a client interface to monitor own group and provide real time data as soon as possible.

  • Quick access to system
  • Allow see change on one page in real time
  • Communication between system - client - staff less then 0.5 sec.
  • Change passenger status
  • Change arrival and dropoff data
  • Favidate flight
  • Client and dispath team comment / workflow of comments


Our goal: monitor all events, find out issues and resolve ASAP for each person that using our systems.

  • Support customers X-servers
  • Support Oracle DB instances
  • Use JavaMelody for monitoring
  • Use Zabbix for monitoring
  • Use internal tool to update DB
  • Use internal tool to monitor all customers apps


Address: Kosice, 11G Strojárenská, 04001 Kosice Slovakia

E-Mail: contact(at)a2works.biz